4 Leg Chain Slings

These heavy-duty chain slings can be used to lift extremely heavy loads safely and efficiently. Each 4 leg chain sling is available in a variety of different lengths; furthermore, many of the products on this page include adjusters that allow you to adjust the length of the chains to suit the task at hand.

Please note that we also sell single leg and 2 leg chain slings.

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Chain Slings for Loads of 3.1 to 67 Tonnes

Each of our chain slings will has its own unique weight load limit (WLL) - this number represents the maximum weight capacity of your 4 leg chain sling, and should not be exceeded under any circumstances. Overloading your chain sling may cause it to fail whilst in use, so please ensure that the product you have selected has a high enough WLL before proceeding to our checkout page.

If none of the chain slings listed above are suitable for your requirements, we at SafetyLiftinGear may be able to provide a bespoke 4 leg chain sling with a higher weight load limit.


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