Tool Bags & Kit Bags

Our tool bags provide easy, hands-free mobility for moving your tools quickly, easily and safely around your site.  We only stock the highest-quality tool bags here at SafetyLiftinGear - these bags are durable, weather-resistant, and ideal for preventing accidents caused by falling tools when working at height.

To buy or hire your kit bag, please choose from the following products:

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Ergodyne polyester deksel 32cm
Van: € 29.45
(€ 35.63 incl. BTW)
Voor: € 26.50 (€ 32.07 incl. BTW)
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Ergodyne Gereedschapstas 16 vakken; Bovenklep met klittenbandsluiting;
Van: € 70.00
(€ 84.70 incl. BTW)
Voor: € 63.00 (€ 76.23 incl. BTW)
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Ergodyne gereedschapstas; riem lus; 16 vakken; 15kg; grijs
Van: € 71.67
(€ 86.72 incl. BTW)
Voor: € 64.50 (€ 78.05 incl. BTW)
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Ergodyne polyester emmer; PU bodem; M; handvat/ band 32x38
Van: € 76.66
(€ 92.76 incl. BTW)
Voor: € 69.00 (€ 83.49 incl. BTW)
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Kit Bags for Tools - More Information:

Our tool bags are ideal for people who work from height.

The Ergodyne Tool backpack contains over 30 pockets to house a variety of tools and equipment, and the backpack design allows you to climb up and down ladders safely while transporting your tools. So if you find yourself working at height on scaffolding a lot then this is the tool bag for you!

We also stock the 'topped parts tool pouch', which has a self-closing mechanism to ensure that your tools, hardware, and small parts such as screws are unable to accidently fall out while you are working at height.


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