2 Leg Chain Slings (2.1 to 45 tonne)

Robust and reliable, our 2 leg chain sling products can be used to lift heavy loads safely and easily. Each sling is supplied with latch hooks, and we can supply bespoke chain slings to lift loads of up to 45 tonnes. Please contact SafetyLiftinGear if you wish to discuss customised options for your 2 leg sling.

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Why Buy Your 2 Leg Sling from SafetyLiftinGear?

Our 2 leg chain slings are extremely versatile and hard-wearing, making them an excellent choice if you need to lift heavy loads as safely as possible. Here are some more reasons to purchase your 2 leg sling from our website:

  • Our chains slings are highly durable, and can be used even in extreme conditions
  • SLG's strongest chain slings can withstand loads of up to 11.2 tonnes (standard) or 45 tonnes (bespoke)
  • The slings on this page are adjustable and can be supplied in a variety of different lengths
  • 2 leg chain slings are compatible with a range of different hooks, rings and latches
  • Our prices are extremely competitive, and our website allows customers to pay in GBP, EUR or AED

Please note that each 2 leg chain sling has a different weight load limit. Be sure to check your sling's maximum weight capacity before completing your purchase - exceeding the weight limit can be extremely dangerous.


Mocht u vragen hebben, neem dan gerust contact met ons op. Dit kan telefonisch via 020-209 1000 of per email naar sales@safetyliftingear.nl


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