Karabiners and Hooks

As part of our comprehensive height safety range, we supply a great choice of karabiners and scaffold hooks, for use with harnesses, lifelines and more. Also known as climbing clips, karabiners can be used for both recreational climbing activities and pursuits, as well as for working at height applications.

Whatever the demands of your operation may be, you're certain to find a scaffold hook or karabiner to suit the needs of your job, no matter what level of security and flexibility you require. Available in a wide choice of materials, designs and locking types, you're certain to be able to find a hook or clip that will provide the best level of functionality and reliability for your demands. 

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ELLERsafe karabijnhaak; staal; schroefsluiting; 15mm
Van: € 15.38
(€ 18.61 incl. BTW)
Voor: € 11.60 (€ 14.04 incl. BTW)
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ELLERsafe karabijnhaak; staal; auto twist lock; 25mm
Van: € 15.49
(€ 18.74 incl. BTW)
Voor: € 12.60 (€ 15.25 incl. BTW)
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ELLERsafe karabijnhaak; staal; auto twist lock; 19mm
Van: € 19.46
(€ 23.55 incl. BTW)
Voor: € 16.80 (€ 20.33 incl. BTW)
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ELLERsafe steigerpijphaak; staal; dubbele beveiliging; 56mm
Van: € 27.90
(€ 33.76 incl. BTW)
Voor: € 22.10 (€ 26.74 incl. BTW)
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Ordering Your Climbing Clips

Almost all of the scaffold hooks and karabiners in our selection are available to hire or purchase, with quantity price breaks also available for many of the clips. This allows you to choose the price plan that best suits your quantity and duration requirements, ensuring that you receive a great deal when you order with us.


Mocht u vragen hebben, neem dan gerust contact met ons op. Dit kan telefonisch via 020-209 1000 of per email naar sales@safetyliftingear.nl


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