Edelrid Climbing Gear

Founded in Germany in 1863, Edelrid is a trusted manufacturer of high-quality climbing gear and fall protection equipment. We stock a wide variety of Edelrid gear here at SafetyLiftinGear.com, with many products available to hire as well as to buy online.

To order your Edelrid climbing equipment, please choose from the following products:

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Why Choose Edelrid Climbing Gear?

The Edelrid brand is synonymous with safety and state-of-the-art technology, so you can rest assured that their climbing gear is completely reliable and fit for purpose.

Since much of our Edelrid range is available to buy or hire, we are able to cover both your long- and short-term rope access / fall protection needs.

We have a very diverse range of Edelrid products available, including:

  • Climbing ropes
  • Fall protection harnesses
  • Climbing helmets
  • Tool bags
  • Throw lines and throw bags

Mocht u vragen hebben, neem dan gerust contact met ons op. Dit kan telefonisch via 020-209 1000 of per email naar sales@safetyliftingear.nl


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