Electrical Safety Harness Kits

Having proper fall prevention measures is essential for operations performed at height, and requires added security when potential electrical risks are added. In order to provide ultimate security for electrical workers who perform operations at height, we provide a specially designed electrical safety harness, along with insulated electrician lanyards.

Made with ISOL insulated  metal parts, our electrical safety harness and lanyards are able to provide protection from electric shocks, while maintaining stability when carrying out work at height. It is also fully adjustable from the upper to lower body, in order to provide additional comfort and security.

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How to Order Your Electrical Safety Harness

Like many of the products available from SafetyLiftinGear, our electrical safety harness and lanyards are available to hire or buy, depending on the requirements of the user. Whether you require the harness on a short or long term basis, you're sure to find a payment option to suit your needs.

To order our electrical safety harness, or one of our insulated lanyards, simply select either the 'Buy Now' or 'Hire Me' option underneath each product, then follow the instructions to complete your purchase or hire enquiry.

Mocht u vragen hebben, neem dan gerust contact met ons op. Dit kan telefonisch via 020-209 1000 of per email naar sales@safetyliftingear.nl


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