Fall Arrest Blocks

Fall arrest blocks protect you from falling to the ground when working at height. We stock a range of fall arresters, inertia reels and rescue blocks in a variety of sturdy yet lightweight designs.

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ELLERsafe ROLEX valstopper; band; 1xkar/1xsnap
Van: € 92.00
(€ 111.32 incl. BTW)
Voor: € 68.75 (€ 83.19 incl. BTW)
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ELLERsafe ROLEX valstopper; band; 1xpijp/1xsnap
Van: € 114.00
(€ 137.94 incl. BTW)
Voor: € 87.00 (€ 105.27 incl. BTW)
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ELLERsafe valstopper CR030; 4mm staalkabel; kunststof; 3m
Van: € 164.00
(€ 198.44 incl. BTW)
Voor: € 130.00 (€ 157.30 incl. BTW)
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ELLERsafe valstopper WR100; band; 1xkar/1xsnap; 6m
Van: € 199.00
(€ 240.79 incl. BTW)
Voor: € 157.00 (€ 189.97 incl. BTW)
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Why Use a Fall Arrest System?

If you are working at height (e.g. on a roof, or a scaffold), using a fall arrest system is an effective way to minimise the risk of injury or worse. SafetyLiftinGear's fall arrest blocks are designed to be reliable and effective; the shock-absorbing system will prevent you from getting hurt, and the sturdy cables will last for years without snapping or corroding.

Our fall arresters and retrieval blocks come in a variety of different sizes, so be sure to choose one that is suitable for your working environment. We aim to supply a fall arrest system for every budget - whether you need a cost-effective means of keeping yourself safe or a heavy-duty rescue block from the very highest end of the market, SafetyLiftinGear will provide!

If you are shopping for fall arrest blocks, you may also be interested in our comprehensive range of height safety harnesses. These can be attached to a fall arrest system to prevent injury and death in the event of a fall.


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