Arborist Equipment

We at SafetyLiftinGear consider ourselves to be the height safety specialists, and we have a superb selection of arborist equipment to help tree surgeons stay safe while working at height.


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LifeGear professionele werkhandschoen met halve vingers
Van: € 7.70
(€ 9.32 incl. BTW)
Voor: € 6.95 (€ 8.41 incl. BTW)
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LifeGear Werkhandschoenen met impact bescherming
Van: € 8.75
(€ 10.59 incl. BTW)
Voor: € 7.94 (€ 9.61 incl. BTW)
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LifeGear Snijbestendige veiligheidshandschoenen
Van: € 15.15
(€ 18.33 incl. BTW)
Voor: € 13.63 (€ 16.49 incl. BTW)
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LifeGear Bosbouw veiligheidshelm met gehoorbeschermers en vizier
Van: € 19.48
(€ 23.57 incl. BTW)
Voor: € 19.48 (€ 23.57 incl. BTW)
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Safety Equipment for Arborists

Being an arborist / tree surgeon means working at potentially dangerous heights on a regular basis. Health and safety regulations state that appropriate safety measures must be put in place to protect workers who operate at height - this means that our arborist safety equipment isn't just handy to have, it may well be a legal requirement for your line of work!

What arborist equipment do we stock?

We sell a variety of fall protection products for tree surgeons, including:

  • Height safety harnesses
  • Pulley blocks
  • Tool lanyards (to prevent tools from falling to the ground)
  • Climbing accessories

We have a huge range of height safety products in stock here at SafetyLiftinGear, so if you can't find the item(s) you're looking for on our arborist equipment page, you may wish to check our Height Safety department or contact our customer service team - we'll do whatever we can to provide the solution you need!


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